Retired members are represented by Eric Smith and Sheila Morley, both long time active members of this Branch.  When Eric took on the reins as Retired Member’s Secretary, he set up an alternative social media outlet to communicate with retired members.  Retired members can contact Eric and Sheila at the email address found below, or alternatively contact the Branch direct on 01223 717015 and we will put you in contact.

The Branch welcomes the involvement of all retired members in our campaigns to preserve our working terms and conditions.  As Eric rightly states, ‘What action can they take out on us, they can’t sack us’.  In recognition of the value the Branch places on its retired members, in 2016 the Branch Committee voted to give all retiring members, free retired membership.

If you want further information on becoming an active retired member, and find out what retired members get up to in support of the Branch, then get in touch with the Branch office, or with Eric, or Sheila direct via the email: