Fake News !

As Fake News is becoming increasingly popular and possibly more believable than the real news. I thought I’d put this report of a recent staff memo out.  Names have been removed to protect the innocent or guilty party.

The leader of Cambridgeshire County Council has thanked all staff, wives and partners for their hard work to keep Cambridgeshire moving and deliver services through the gale force winds of Storm Tory Control.  2010 until present day.

I would like to thank all staff for their professionalism and dedication to help our communities both in the coming years and in the days and years of an austerity driven Tory led Government. Cambridgeshire has been hit by high cuts during Storm Tory Control. There have been more than 70 incidents of Cambridgeshire’s suffering the worst cuts in history as a Local Authority. Staff everywhere and particularly our colleagues in Social Care were dealing with difficult situations before we came along.  They have now quadrupled. Not only are our staff working in dangerous conditions in their own offices, with no resources, sometimes no desks, and certainly to support. But tyrannical and directionless leadership has compounded their difficulties to operate in the best interest of the communities they serve. Not even the emergency services can help us.  

We continue to squander money on so called experts from consultancy firms we know well. Others have no expertise, but we are still willing to pay them per week, what we pay a Social worker per month.  Whilst we have removed any expenses claims from our staff, we will continue to allow huge claims to go through unopposed from consultants, as we need to show how much we value their service, in dismantling your Service.

Meanwhile I know staff have done their best making sure frontline services, such as Social Care, are still being delivered, despite the Tory led Council refusing for the second year to put up Council tax, which we know would ease some of the burden being placed on our most vulnerable people. If I didn’t know better, I’d think there was an election looming in May.  Ask Comms if this last sentence should stay in?

I also know colleagues in education and transport worked hard with schools, convincing them that becoming an academy was the best route for them. Including making sure students got home at the end of the school day, achieving nothing, as their school continues to fail.

Behind the scenes Communication officers are working with me to co-ordinate responses and keep the public miss informed. I would like to thank everyone involved and our wives and partners, for their dedication and loyalty. I know from the responses that I have seen on Social Media, those which I can repeat, and elsewhere it has not been appreciated by the communities we serve.”

In Solidarity:  And use your vote wisely in the forthcoming local elections.