All UNISON members employed by Cambridgeshire County Council and who are paid, within the Management Band pay grades, will shortly receive a ballot paper.  The ballot paper simply asks for your acceptance or rejection of the MB pay review.  You should of already received notification from the Employer regarding this, and where you 'sit' in the proposed new pay band.  As 13% of workers within the MB grades will lose out on this review, UNISON is not making any recomendations which way you should vote. 

UNISON members within the MB pay grades will receive all information via. email, the ballot will also be conducted electronically.  Those members who UNISON Cambridgeshire Branch does not hold an email address for, will receive their ballot paper in the post. The ballot opens on Friday 20th November and closes, Friday 4th December. 

More information can be found in the communication sent out to employees and on CamWeb.  There is a comparison chart and FAQ area, where your questions may already of been answered.

Below is the Trade Union communication which will accompany your ballot paper. 

Since 2008 workers in Local Government have seen a 20% real terms reduction in their salaries, and the current government’s public sector pay restraint policy looks set to continue for the life of this parliament. The impact of which is to potentially place many more Public servants into poverty wages, and increase dependency on the use of the food banks around the Country and our own County of Cambridge.

Discussions around a review of Management Band and Head of Service pay scales have been ongoing since early Summer. These discussions have resulted in the offer which is in the attached letter, detailing the new proposed pay structure. We urge you to read and consider your own and your colleagues’ positions very carefully before voting in the ballot.

55% of employees on Management Band will see a pay increase, the Trade Unions welcome this, especially in times where there has been only pay cuts. Other employees (32%) will notice very little change . Regrettably 13% will see a pay cut - on average £1,645, some being significantly higher. This is a situation which the Trade Unions find intolerable and are in no way supporting this aspect of the outcome of these discussions. To mitigate this the Trade Unions have secured an 18 month pay protection for workers suffering a pay cut, however the employer was unwilling to defer this any longer, because of the cost.

With this issue not resolved to the satisfaction of the Trade Unions, we are not in a position to recommend this proposal. Nor do we find ourselves in a position to obstruct it, as it will see long term improvement in salaries for a not insignificant proportion of the workforce. In addition the revised pay grades are shorter, more transparent and no longer overlap with neighbouring grades, which will provide for a more equality proof pay scale.

The Trade Unions also sought as part of these negotiations a commitment for the employer to become a Living Wage employer. Whilst, disappointingly, there is no commitment from CCC at this time to do so, they have indicated a willingness to discuss this further in the future.

The Trade Union’s ask that you use your vote, so that the decision to accept, or reject, the proposal is conclusive.