Stopping the Tory Trade Union Reform Bill

Join fellow workers who are fighting to halt the progress of the latest Tory action against hard working families.  The evening is hosted by Cambridge & District Trades Union Council, and will start at 7pm.  Speakers will include Professor Keith Ewing from the Institute of Employment Rights.  Professor Ewing is a well respected researcher and commentator on workers rights.  Author and Secretary of the Blacklist Support Group Dave Smith is the second speaker.  Dave co-authored Blacklisted: The book which tells the story of union construction workers who due to their trade union membership, have been consistently denied work.  The third speaker is Lewis Herbert.  Refreshingly Lewis is the Leader of Cambridge City Council.  Cambridge City is Labour led, and since it recent move to control the Council, has shown a healthy respect for its' employee's.  Unlike the County Council, Cambridge City Council is a Living wage employer.  

The evening talk is at Keynes Hall, Kings College, Kings Parade, CB2 1ST.  7-8.30pm

The Tory Trade Union Bill is an attack on civil liberties.  It is a human right to organise at work and be part of a trade union.  David Cameron knows that Trade Unions can disrupt the Tory progress of austerity and halt the privatisation of public services.  This is why the Torie's want to introduce this Bill, and leave the road clear for big business to reduce worker's rights to those last seen victorian times.  Join us and stop this happening.

The Top 5 Dangers of the Trade Union Reform Bill

1.  Your Union membership will no longer be confidential.

2.  Your Civil Liberties will be eroded as it hampers your basic right to protest.

3.  You'll need to notify the police before you publish specific tweets or posts on twitter and facebook.

4.  Unqualified temporary staff will be taking your wage for doing your job whilst you're on strike.

5.  You may need up to an 80% vote for strike action for it to be legal

Finally, join the TUC mass lobby of Parliament on Tuesday 2nd November at 13.00.  Write to your MP and ask to speak with them on the day.