UNISON is calling on the union’s safety reps to get organised – and members to get involved -in this year’s European Health and Safety week: 19-25 October 2015

The Branch is asking members and non-members to identify the different ways in which work situations can affect their own personal health and wellbeing by filling in the national stress survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/EHSW2015. Please circulate amongst work colleagues, or direct them to the website.

The survey was originally launched two years ago and, by asking members to fill it in again, we will be able to see how things have changed and how the austerity agenda has affected their health, safety and well being.

It gives members a chance to tell us, in confidence, how overwork, lack of control and difficult working conditions have contributed to their stress levels.

Cambridgeshire County Branch will also be asking our key employer to carry out its own health and well being survey.  This was last done over two years ago, with a promised revisit and expansion to cover all staff.  Despite some support from senior HR officials and Health and Safety mangerment, the second survey did not receive the go ahead from senior management.  Stress remains as one of the highest reasons for absence and for poor job performance.  Yet those suffering, do not appear to be attracting the intervention and support they deserve.  If the County Council refuse to carry out a joint Health and Wellbeing Survey, UNISON County Branch will conduct one in the new year.  More on this later.

Please complete the National Survey and add your voice to our campaign.