Joining couldn't be easier, follow any of the instructions below and become a member of the largest trade union Branch in the County.  You will receive excellent advice and support, including legal support should you need it, on any work related issue. 

You also have access to a wide array of other services.  Our partner organistions can offer you great deals on insuring your home and your car including breakdown cover.  Beneifits also include free £5,000 life cover, access to our very own holiday resort and free legal advice on any issue.

There are a number of ways to join to receive essential cover in the workplace. 


       Please return to the Branch office

 0800 171 2193 or the Branch office on 01223 727909                         

You have the right to join any Trade Union of your choice,whether it is recognised by your employer or not.  We can support you even if your employer does not recognise Trade Unions, at grievances and disciplinary meetings. Provide legal support at an employment tribunal if needed.  An employer cannot discriminate against you for joining a trade union. You cannot be refused employment, treated unfairly at work or dismissed for joining a trade union.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Branch and helping you to strengthen your workplace and, protect your employment rights. Use the above links or phone now before you need our support. 

Still thinking if you should join?  Watch this video, then click a link above and join today.